Who's VARSBAYD? the man behind the company  Since 1999 photographer Raymond van der  Bas started VARSBAYD Photography. Apart  from industrial and sphere photography,  portraits will always play a big part in the  work of VARSBAYD. Always looking for  spontaneous emotions captured in interesting compositions. For a few years he has tasted the world of  concerts. It's a real challenge to capture an  artist on film in a very short time. The  results are partially displayed on this site,  you will find famous but also less known  artists. For a few companies he is hired as  photographer to make reports during  incentives and company parties… Please visit  Parallel to his photography, he also stepped  into the world of motion pictures as a  camera-operator. Together with long time  friend Raymond van Rijn he produced until  recently a television series called "In the  Lightning of the Storm", which has been  finished in 2010. 
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